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TNRG Announces Major Strategic Initiatives for 2024 Following a Transformative Year

Atlanta, GA

Jan 30, 2024

Thunder Energies Corporation, a company at the forefront of real estate development, reveals their key initiatives for 2024. This includes a $500 million stock offering, as well as a collaboration with Exchange LLC and C&S Advisors for Form 211 filing to list the company on the OTC.

ATLANTA, GA – Thunder Energies Corporation, a company at the forefront of real estate development, is proud to announce a series of significant initiatives for 2024, following a year of substantial achievements and transformations.

In 2023, Thunder Energies made remarkable strides, transitioning from a CBD hemp company to a dynamic real estate development firm. This strategic pivot has set the stage for a series of ambitious projects and partnerships in the coming year.

Key Initiatives for 2024

  1. Enhanced Shareholder Flexibility: In collaboration with Exchange LLC and C&S Advisors, Thunder Energies is excited to announce that it will be facilitating a Form 211 filing. This significant move will enable our shareholders to trade their shares more freely on the open market, reflecting our commitment to shareholder value and liquidity.

  2. Strategic Stock Offering: The company is set to launch a stock offering valued at $500 million, a strategic upgrade from the previously anticipated $75 million Regulation-A offering. This bold step is aimed at injecting a substantial number of shares into the marketplace, demonstrating our confidence in the company's future and commitment to growth.

  3. Bear Village Resorts Partnerships: Thunder Energies has made a significant leap in its investment strategy by placing under contract a prime parcel of land in Commerce, Georgia, and forging a strategic alliance with Wyndham Hotels. This move, in collaboration with Greengate—an EB-5 international funding firm—and Skyline Engineering, both Atlanta-based development experts, will be instrumental in the creation of the Bear Village Resorts.

  4. Strengthening the Balance Sheet: In line with our commitment to shareholder security and company stability, Thunder Energies will acquire a fixed-income portfolio. This acquisition, expected no later than Q2 2024, will bolster our balance sheet, provide operational cash flow to the company and offer a safeguard for our shareholders' investments.

A Year of Transformation and Achievement

In 2023, Thunder Energies experienced a transformative year, marked by a successful overhaul of its management team from the previous year, becoming fully compliant with all regulatory reporting and a smooth transition to a new business model. This strategic shift not only aligns with our future objectives but also establishes a solid foundation for the upcoming initiatives we have planned. Our team's dedication and strategic vision have been instrumental in positioning the company for these exciting new ventures.

"We are thrilled to embark on these ambitious projects, each reflecting our commitment to growth, innovation, and shareholder value," said Ricardo Haynes, CEO of Thunder Energies Corporation. "The coming year is poised to be a landmark period in our company's history, and we are eager to deliver on these promises to our valued shareholders and partners."

About Thunder Energies Corporation:

Thunder Energies Corporation is a real estate development company that prides itself on identifying and capitalizing on unique and lucrative opportunities in various diversified sectors. With a strategic focus on innovation and value creation, Thunder Energies is committed to delivering sustainable growth and shareholder value.

For more information and media inquiries, please visit or contact:

Investor Relations Thunder Energies Corp E: P: (844) 601-1956

Donald R. Keer, P.E., Esq. Corporate Counsel Thunder Energies Corp. P: (254) 704-2675

Disclaimer:  Information in this press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Statements containing words such as "could," "believe," "expect," "intend," "anticipate," "will," or similar expressions are forward-looking statements. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance, or achievements of Thunder Energies Corporation to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

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