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Business Presentation

About Thunder Energies (TNRG)

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We have a top-tier management team with a strong mix of skills and operational backgrounds. In particular, 30+ years in the commercial and real estate development field. We have key partnerships in place, including development, design, banking, legal, construction, oil, and gas.

Thunder Energies Corp. is continually expanding development opportunities in multiple markets to create diverse revenue streams. Our mission is to protect our investors through a well-diversified development base utilizing creative project financing that allows us to service debt when unforeseeable market shifts occur. 

Management Team

Eric Collins

Director, Chairman

Mr. Collins is a well-polished leader with over 39 years in project management experience specializing in logistics planning for the U.S. Air Force, Special Operation Forces Division where he was responsible for oversight, coordination and execution of operational cost efficiencies of funds, time, material and facilities to resolve problems and issues in support and maintenance programs. This included preparing briefings and presentations for senior leadership using methods such as data mining, data modeling, and or cost or benefit analysis to acquire and secure new government contracts. Over the past 5 years Mr. Collins has continued working with the US Air Force at Warner Robins Air Base where he manages the defense budget and contracts. He has also worked for Top Flight Development Group Inc. in Atlanta, GA buying and selling property for residential development.

Ricardo Haynes


Highly accomplished business development executive with more than 20 years of experience in producing exponential revenue growth, cultivating enduring relationships within the hospitality and financial industry. Worked for Marriot Corporation for over 15 years in property development, licensing and investment. Also operated in the financial industry providing corporate bond placement and project financing. Total experience includes commercial real estate sales and loan origination with regional and nationally based lending institutions, corporate finance consulting. Grass roots development experience in creating and issuing collateralized bond obligation and related instruments. Over the last 5 years Mr. Haynes has worked assisting clients in construction financing in both commercial and hospitality markets with Candela Group, Ltd. In Alberta, Canada.

Lance L. Lehr

Operations Manager

Mr. Lehr has 25 years of senior management experience in the Hospitality Industry. He has worked at the senior most level of projects ranging from Ski Area’s with Hotel, Condo, F&B and Adventure Parks to Indoor Water Park Resorts development and operations. Mr. Lehr serves as a senior advisor to one POS, a hospitality technology leader and has developed numerous independent companies and concepts. His entrepreneurial management style of leadership empowers associates and holds them accountable for high level performance. This has led to the successful development and operation of several companies in the hospitality industry that focus on franchise like systems and aggressive labor and cost management. Mr. Lehr’s entrepreneurial focus leads to creative solutions that deliver superior result in today’s dynamic marketplace. Through aggressive cost control coupled with out of the box sales building efforts and an intense focus on the guest experience, Mr. Lehr has been able to provide superior long term results for his clients. Over the past 5 years has worked as President of Hybrid Hospitality, LTD in Erie, PA developing amusement parks, water parks and hospitality properties for clients.

Matthew D. White

Interim Controller

Mr. Matthew D. White received a BS in Finance from Wingate University-NC in August 2020. Since graduation Mr. White has worked with Bear Village in establishing financial controls and systems for the financial reporting of the Company.

Tori White

Development Consultant

Ms. White has been working for Northpointe Realty since 2015 in commercial and residential real estate leasing and contracting. Prior to that, she worked at Jlew Enterprises, LLC in Boca Raton, FL in their residential construction group from 2012-2015. Over the last 5 years Ms. White has marketed and sold commercial and residential real estate.

Eric McClendon

President of Emergent Markets

Eric McClendon is an Investment Banker and has been in the Commercial Real Estate and Residential finance markets for over 26 years. Eric offers non-recourse senior debt solutions for a variety of circumstances, with flexible balance sheet options and structured capital market solutions. Eric advises clients on a wide range of capital structures available to ensure the most favorable financial solution is achieved. Eric’s approach consists of a clear identification of the client’s requirements and possible structures, resulting in an optimal financial solution. Prior to being an Investment Banker, he worked as an underwriter, Operations Manager, Originator, and VP of Secondary Marketing in Capital Markets. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson school of Management.

Dr. Ismael Fernández

Vice-President of Emergent Markets

Dr. Fernández, originally from Madrid, Spain, is the founder and president of Greengate Consulting, an Atlanta based small-business consultancy firm. He obtained a PhD and MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology and is a published author in the field of technology valuation. Dr. Fernandez extended his career into start-up consulting, real estate planning, and financial modeling and forecasting given his experience in this field over the years. Prior to funding Greengate, Ismael was a senior manager at General Electric, leading the GE Gas Turbine Parts build plan forecasting division, a one-billion-dollar global business charged with producing and supplying spare parts to customers worldwide. Since 2010, Dr. Fernández has assisted hundreds of clients establishing their business with success in the U.S.

Donald R. Keer, P.E., ESQ.

Corporate Attorney

Mr. Keer is an attorney and a professional engineer who spent the first half of his career as a construction project manager working for Fluor Corporation and then local developers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Mr. Keer has also been an expert witness for various construction issues including delay damages, building code standards, construction technologies and insurance claims.


For the past 25 years Mr. Keer has represented business clients working on construction projects, real estate development, mergers and acquisitions and publicly traded companies to ensure their businesses and construction projects move forward in a timely manner. He is a sole practitioner and has had his own law practice for 25 years.

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