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Creating Change
Through Development

We do more than strive for strategic relationships; 
We DEVELOP them.


Our Acquisition & Development Focus

The Thunder Energy team is constantly scanning the market for business opportunities that provide significant upside potential to our investors and capital partners. Our unique entrepreneurial mindset and broad industry experience allow us to capture value in many markets. 

Real Estate Development

We have several projects focused on land acquisition and development, particularly in Georgia. These lands can be purposed in several profitable ways including housing, entertainment, and resort development.

resort 2.JPG

Resort & Hospitality

We will be investing in Bear Village Resort which will be a family resort experience like no other. This development will feature an indoor water park, an adventure park, aquarium, family entertainment center, banquet center, a state-of-the-art sports bar, and much more.


Colaborative Mining Development

A strategic joint venture with Fourth and One LLC gives Thunder Energies Corp access to a 2000+ acre historic Kinsley Mountain mining claim as well as significant water rights. This partnership also provides a path toward future resort expansion.


About TNRG

We build innovative, profitable, global opportunities in emerging and high-growth market sectors and employ a diversified business model through creative financing strategies to achieve sustainable returns to our shareholders.

Through clear strategic direction, we provide an ambitious, progressive corporate plan for diverse developments, private equity, corporate strategy, profitable insights, and global business networks.

Our diverse project categories include mining, energy, real estate, resort & hospitality, and more.

Thunder Energies Corp.

OTC Stock Symbol:  TNRG


Our Approach

Guided by our manifesto to build trust with our partners, we go beyond collaborative relationships; we develop them.


Utilizing strategic partnerships, we are currently focused on the following areas:

  1. BEAR Village resort development, including timeshares, indoor/outdoor water park, family entertainment center, and adventure park.

  2. Land development with event venue as well as residential timeshare and condo development.

  3. Gold mine development in Nevada, along with potential outdoor adventure resort development.

With a global reach and a focused approach, Thunder Energies Corporation has the infrastructure and expertise in place to generate wealth now, and on a long-term basis.

Interested? Contact us for details.

Business Conference

Management Team

Our multi-disciplinary team is intimately involved in all stages of our service offerings, with the goal of enhancing your value proposition. 

The Thunder Energy team has been working on several of our core projects for over 10 years. As a group, we recently purchased Thunder Energies Corporation as a vehicle to raise capital and drive shareholder value.

Everything we do is tailored with our partners and clients in mind. We listen carefully to our shareholders and execute with the goal of exceeding expectations.

When you become an investor, you can expect the full support of our management and front-line personnel, as well as our back-end operations and technical experts.



Business & Investor Inquiries

For any business or investor inquiries, please fill out the following contact form and we will reply within 3-5 business days.


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